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Hi, I am Vesislava.
I was born in Bulgaria and I am obsessed by music since my childhood. My first cello competition was when I was 10 years old. During the years I have won different medals and awards at many different competitions. I graduated the National High-School of Dance and Music Art with excellence. In 2013, I became a Master of Arts in Cello after graduating the National Academy of Music "Prof. Pancho Vladigerov" in Sofia, Bulgaria.
During the years I and my cello travelled through the Balkans and the Swiss Alps, the coasts of India and Sri Lanka, the sands of Dubai and Abu Dhabi... We were together in the Bulgarian National Radio Orchestra, took part in theatre performances, official world-class events, luxury restaurants, corporate parties and fashion events. In addition to the classic music, my song list grew with commercial pop and rock music, US, UK, Italian, Bollywood hits...
I am a strong believer that wherever you go, when people hear good music, they will react to it.
That is why I like travelling. I also like arts, theatre and sports but music is what makes me breathe.
Music is my life.
Music made me who I am.
Music gives me inspiration.
Music makes me believe in myself.
Music has no language, gender or borders. It connects the people.
And I am really happy that you are connected to my website. Hope you have a nice stay here.



Cello Lessons

Interested in learning to play? The cello is used as a solo musical instrument, as well as in chamber music ensembles, string orchestras, as a member of the string section of symphony orchestras, and some rock bands. I can teach private cello lessons from beginner to advanced level. It does not matter what your age and previous experience is, I will adjust to your own learning curve and personal needs.

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Live Performances

Need a special performance for your event? Bring the joy of live music to your venue! Great music is a key component of great experience, and if you hire me, I will do my best to deliver a performance that will wow your attendees and ensure that everyone has a good time, all without breaking your event planning budget. I am available both as solo musician or part of ensemble.

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Recording Music

Having a great idea and need a professional artist to compose or perform music for you? Need a solo for your pop song, want a catchy melody for a video game, or background music for your commercial, or a soundtrack for your movie? I have experience in recording songs from different genres and atmospheres, starting from scratch and finishing with mastered studio record.

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It has been said that 80% of what people learn is visual. But the audio is what makes you perceive the world around you differently, what makes you feel emotional and feeling, makes you feel alive...

I have tried to confirm this fact with my cello instrumental of "Tum Hi Ho", the soundtrack song from the blockbuster Indian movie "Aashiqui 2".